Innovation and Development of Advanced Technology Products since 1976


Osiris - a high resolution camera using infrared reflectography to capture images of underdrawings.


Tilt Sensor

A precision electronic instrument that measures the slope and height of a liquid surface using 3 lasers.


A medical scanning laser hair removal system developed in just 6 months

Resources include:

  • Electronic design and engineering
  • Mechanical design and engineering
  • Optical systems engineering and manufacture
  • Electromagnetic and magnetic design
  • Embedded software development and test
  • Windows software development and test
  • FPGA firmware development and test (VHDL)
  • Industrial design and product engineering

Staff at Crossware:

Invented, designed and developed the world's first thermal transfer envelope franking machine

Franking machine


Invented, designed and developed the low energy coin handling mechanism for the UK's first line-powered coin operated telephone


Developed a magnetic suspension system for a satellite installed measuring instrument

Invented, designed and developed a compact light-weight multi-drive unit for a car seat adjuster


Developed innovative solutions for industrial sewing machine drives, battery powered retail label printers, high volume consumer label printers, industrial safety switches, faucets and shower mixers, oil rig mud filtration systems, tooth paste dispensing systems, dye sublimation thermal transfer systems, photocopier document feeding systems, polyurethane spray mixing systems, and much more.